Nationwide  tradeshow booth coffee & liquid Nitrogen Ice cream  catering.  

Espresso  Events is the master of drawing attendance to your booth. Espresso Events can adapt to your booth.  We have elegant custom rolling carts can fit into 5'X5' areas. Espresso Events also have portable elegant machines that can be placed to fit on  your booth counters.

Epresso Bars, Coffee Carts, Cappuccino Service. Nitrogen Frozen Drink Cafe and Bars, Tea service, Herbal Infusion Brew BarsShaved ice carts.



Trade Show Traffic Builder,
Espresso Coffee Bar, Frozen Drinks, Tea infusion Bar, 

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Any of our custom catering equipment, cappuccino coffee, Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream can be fitted to your counter top.
Custom glow carts with logo graphic
Our equipment fitted to your counter top
Our classic wood espresso bar set up
Custom logo graphic
Liquid Nitrogen frozen desserts & drink cart
Based out of Orlando Florida, Las Vegas & Washington DC,
Serving trade shows nationwide.