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Trade Show Services 
Espresso Events Mobile Coffee Bar Catering full service espresso/cappuccino and liquid nitrogen Ice cream  service. We bring the espresso bar & dessert café experience to your trade show booth! (Complete with your own professional barista!)

Attract more people to your booth. Perspective clients will be drawn to your booth by the alluring aroma, and promise of a delicious cappuccino, latte or custom frozen dessert made fresh in front of you using liquid nitrogen to flash freeze! While they wait for their custom made drinks or , you have a captive audience!! 

Other options include:

Tea & Infusion bar 
A fun healthy show stopper. We blend and then use flash infusion brewing, teas, tisanes, herbs and spices. 

Frozen Drink Bar, Your favorite coffee shop frozen blends to cool down the crowd featuring LIQUID NITROGEN 

Espresso Events lures the crowds to your booth
with Our smoking cold Nitrogen Cafe Bars.

Coffee Cupping Bars(Tasting Bars) for VI.P. service. Custom Brewing Bar organically brewing the finest single origin organic coffees from around the world.


           Phone:407-380-1009 / 407-718-9210


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